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OUT OF HOURS GP (MEDS):             +44 1624 650 355

OUT OF HOURS DENTAL CARE:       +44 1624 642 785

For assistance with an emergency outside of our open hours, please contact the out of hours GP service, MEDS, on 01624 650 355. A doctor will be able to assist, and pain-relief medication will be provided if necessary. At weekends and bank holidays there is an emergency service. If you have a dental emergency and we are unavailable, you can contact the Out of Hours Emergency Dental Service on the Isle of Man. This service provides emergency dental care for all dental patients on the Isle of Man, and can be accessed by calling 01624 642 785. Woodbourne Dental also operates a telephone answering service which will provide information on obtaining treatment.

In the event of a dental emergency, it is important to remain calm and take steps to reduce any pain or discomfort. If you are suffering from severe pain, you can take over the counter pain relief medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. It is also important to keep the area clean and free from infection. This can be done by gently rinsing the area with warm salt water, or using an antiseptic mouthwash.

If you have a broken or knocked out tooth, it is important to try and place the tooth back in its socket. If this is not possible, the tooth should be placed in a container of milk or saliva and taken to your dentist as soon as possible.


WOODBOURNE DENTAL 36:            +44 1624 676 994

WOODBOURNE DENTAL 65:            +44 1624 675 164

If you have a dental emergency during surgery hours please call us and we will make every effort to see you as soon as possible. We do our best to treat dental emergencies of registered patients within 24 hours, including uncontrolled bleeding, swelling, and severe pain. We also try to attend to dental urgencies, such as a broken tooth, lost filling, or lost crown, within 24 hours,​ but in any case within 48 hours.​​

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