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Our purpose at Woodbourne Dental is to distinguish ourselves as the go-to dental practice for the Isle of Man community. Our dentists are highly experienced and qualified to provide comprehensive dentistry of the very highest quality. We recognise that patients who are happy with the way they are treated are much more motivated to achieve good oral health. That is why we have a patient-centred approach to dentistry. Our dentists are committed to providing excellent dental care in a friendly and professional environment, and we strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to put our patients at ease.

We are privileged to have a team of excellent dentists with an array of skills and wealth of experience in dentistry. Whether you need a routine check-up or a more complex dental procedure, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best care possible. Our array of available dental treatments include NHS treatments, affordable private dental care, complex dental procedures, as well as cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics.


Our modern clinics are fitted with state-of-the art equipment, to ensure that our patients receive the best available care. We are committed to providing a lifetime of optimum oral health to our patients and strive to foster patient relationships based on mutual trust, excellent customer service, and the best patient care available. Patients will be at ease knowing that their care will be administered with a sense of caring, comfort, and kindness, and that we will not rest until they are satisfied with their smile. As a team, we are dedicated to providing the finest dental care on the Isle of Man. Make an appointment to discover the infinitely better dental care provided by Woodbourne Dental.


At Woodbourne Dental, we are privileged to have excellent dentists who are passionate about dentistry and patient care. With an array of skill sets and specialisations, our dentists are fully equipped to provide dental care that caters to the needs of our Isle of Man patients. We believe that everyone should have access to the highest quality of dental care, which is why we partner with independent, qualified, and experienced dentists and update our procedures as technology changes. Our dentists are all self-employed, independent workers, who have come together to provide excellent dental care to our patients. Dentistry is our passion, and patient care is our dedication.


We pride ourselves in our patient-centred approach to dentistry and aim to build lasting patient relationships based on mutual trust and excellent care. We do everything in our power to ensure that our patients are well looked after and receive the best dental care. In return, we ask that patients respect our team and our policies.

  • It is the patient's responsibility to book their own appointment.

  • Patients must arrive before the scheduled appointment time, to complete any paperwork and enjoy a smooth visit.

  • Planned treatments must be paid, either in advance or at the practice during their visit.

  • Patients must notify the practice of a cancellation at least 24 hours ahead of their scheduled appointment.

  • To achieve the desired results and ensure oral health, patients must attend a dental visit on a regular basis as indicated by their dentist.

  • We expect our patients to treat staff members with the same respect that they would like to receive themselves.

  • Patients must notify the practice promptly, should you decide to not continue with treatment already started.

  • To achieve the desired results and ensure oral health, patients must attend a dental visit on a regular basis as indicated by their dentist.

  • As a patient, you may request to see a different dentist in the building. However, we cannot guarantee that your requested dentist will have the capacity to take on additional patients.

  • Please inform staff members and your dentists if you are unhappy, so that we can improve and ensure optimal service to all patients.

  • Violent or abusive behaviour is unacceptable, and patients who exhibit such behaviours will be removed from the premises and will not be allowed back into the building in future.

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